The M.E.I. Team
M.E.I. believes in recruiting the best technical personnel, and concentrates on providing continual training.   The cumulative experience gained from working with large multinational companies is totally retained by our very faithful and loyal staff.


The M.E.I. team treats each new project as a challenge, a chance to find innovative and optimal solutions for our clients, spurring M.E.I. to continual creativity and growth.  The team follows well laid-out policies and procedures between disciplines. Just as importantly, M.E.I. stays closely coordinated with our customers to ensure the smooth execution of any project.  Each project is a showpiece, a reference for our next potential client.

Our offices have up-to-date computer-aided design and drafting facilities, electronic data processing equipment and a technical library, which are employed or referred to in all  M.E.I.'s engineering projects.


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