Process System Teaching Units
With our vast experience in designing and constructing full-scale production facilities for large multinational companies, M.E.I.'s process engineering teaching units are unique miniature plants, robust, compact and very versatile.  These teaching units include:


Our teaching units are robustly constructed: all materials used in the construction of the teaching unit are selected to minimize the problems associated with inexperienced users; Piping and components, wherever practical, are made from non-breakable materials; Experiments are designed to incorporate process materials that can be safely discarded without special hazardous material permits; Raw materials and end products are non-hazardous in nature; Most process experiments and demonstrations are conducted at reduced temperatures and pressures; Where elevated   temperatures and pressures are required, such as our Heat Transfer Unit, adequate precautions and safety features are incorporated.

Our teaching units place considerable emphasis on theory and mathematical modeling of the experiments. Wherever possible students are expected to use engineering fundamentals to predict the theoretical outcomes before the experiment begins. Our teaching units come complete with comprehensive notes and background for both lecturers and students. The manuals guide students on experiment procedure, data recording and comments on the results. 

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